Welcome to Unsene!


Why did we decide to create this new service?

It started with my wife’s Yahoo email account getting hacked.  One day, she logged in and all her contacts and email was gone!!

Being the resident geek in our house, I looked at it and told her “You’ve been hacked!”

This isn’t the greatest feeling in the world and once you get past the feeling of violation, you immediately go into damage control to mitigate the problems.

The first problem is of course, what other account information may have been contained in any emails, banks, stock accounts, paypal, things with money.  We had to fix all this first, and with everything deleted, we had no idea which accounts were at risk, so we had to quickly go an reset ALL of them.  That was a nerve-wracking and time consuming process, because she’d asked me for accounts and passwords for all kinds of things over the years.  We had to change them all.

Then we got to the personal things, like photo sharing, etc.

It was after doing this, I realized there was a better way to improve security, using encryption.

Most ordinary people are not aware of encryption, but you use it every time you shop online.  That little padlock you see by the URL tells you that the pages you are on is secure.

All the information that goes back and forth between the computers is encrypted, which means people in the middle can’t read it.

Encryption looks like this:


That’s what the phrase “Encryption looks like this” looks like when it’s encrypted.

To make our system truly secure, we decided on a security model that has the user store their own key or passphrase, Unsene doesn’t store any of that.

That means we or anyone else who doesn’t have or can’t guess your passphrase can’t read your messages.  Only you and your recipient can read your message.

This is a very secure way to send messages which can include credit card numbers, tax ID’s, and sensitive personal and business information.

Of course, this kind of security is extremely useful for many business and consumer applications and in the future, we think it will be standard for every communications application.




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