The Personal Firewall


As the Unsene platform develops and becomes more robust, we’ll need to focus on other areas where security holes can develop.

There are three main places for security failure, not counting the humans on either end;  the sender’s computer, the transmitted message and the receiver’s computer.  We think Unsene will need to be a complete and integrated system to protect computer users and to help them develop trust for our system.

It’s fairly well known that spy agencies and other bad guys are placing software programs on mobile phones and computers that can gather information in a number of ways, including keylogging, video and audio recording, screen capture and data collection.  Some of these software payloads are delivered through malware the user finds in their email box, via web site ads, and even with the operating system itself.  Go do a search for NSAKEY and windows and you might be surprised.


There are a couple of ways to deal with these threats.  First, you can identify and remove them and this is how anti-virus software works.  You can also install a firewall either in the network cable (which requires hardware) or on the computer itself to monitor and block the packets leaving your computer.  Viruses and malware that can damage your computer’s software and hardware requires the anti-virus approach, while a software anti-spyware block of the departing packets looks to us to be the best approach.  This also has the advantage of being able to crowdsource the results, to detect trends.


We’re looking for some good developers who would like to help us develop this system for Unsene.

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