Does True Randomness Exist?


Randomness is the basis of many aspects of cryptography.  It’s used as a key part of nearly all encryption algorithms to generate keys and many cryptographers will tell you privately that they don’t know if that’s where the major weakness is for cryptography, but they have their suspicions.  If that’s true, the lack of true “randomness” could be a major weakness in encryption.

Looking at our world, everything around us seems chaotic, random and jumbled.  But is it?  Car horns honk, static noise on the radio, people walking on the street, all of these things look random. However, science has discovered the existence of other dimensions that exist in micro-cosmic spaces which is why you can’t see them.  Scientists can’t see them either, but they have proven this mathematically.  If there’s math that demonstrates the existence of these hidden dimensions, couldn’t math also be used to “see” things in these higher dimensions?  That’s one principle of discovering the true nature of randomness, finding a mathematical relationship between the things that appear random and converting them into a much simpler formula that shows the true, underlying order to these things.  With the correct formula, you could see through the randomness and use that knowledge to “predict” with some precision a set of results that would remove some or all of the randomness from the equation.  Even narrowing down the possible solutions can make encryption a lot easier to break using today’s desktop computers, not to mention quantum computers.

Viewing things from a higher level, things that appear random and chaotic are actually very clear and well ordered.  Buddhism teaches this aspect of wisdom, from Sakyamuni through many enlightened people today, they’ll say things like “everything is very well ordered” and “nothing happens without reason”.   They are able to look into these other dimensions and when they do so without any intention, things are very clearly seen.

These observations by calm and rational minds point out something very important;  if nothing is truly random, where can you look to see the order?  People with abilities to “see” into other dimensions point out a way to break through “randomness” and to see the order.  You can learn more about that in this book, link: Zhuan Falun.  High level math and super and quantum computers can explore this area today and break through the “randomness”, which makes it possible to substantially lower the number of possible solutions to a cypher.  Not everyone working at is a cryptography expert, though we have a few who are expert in this domain.  However, most of the people at do meditate, so we understand this principle from another angle.

If high powered computing power available to various security agencies can “look into” or simulate other dimensions to see through “randomness”, breaking encryption is a much simpler task.  Then the issue becomes one of obfuscation, hiding things in plain sight.  ”I didn’t see it, but it was right in front of me” comes to mind.

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